Puppies from the past

​These are some of my puppies that have gone to their new homes.

Puppies From The Past
 Savannah  posing pretty
Gypsy is ready for her  daily run
Cleo is ready for her nap
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  The Hendrix boys 
standing watch
Ziggy had to much fun today !!!!!
Roxy lounging on her favorite pillow
Shelby loves the snow
Jack is one hansome dude
Finnigan waiting for command.
Rocky waiting patiently
Johnny's Boys  snoozing in the sun
Sadie taking it easy
Bertie always alert
just a quick nap
Eve is waiting for instructions
Levon & Lager  what's up?
ready for bed
Playing peek a boo
Maxwell's bowtie
Elsa is waiting patiently
Norman looking handsome
Dixie & chopper taking a snooze
Cathy's Boy
​Darla  stretched out
 Katie  looking pretty in the sun
Kathy's girl
KoKo  is a handsome boy
PorkChop's  Birthday !!!
Mitzie  all ready to go. 
Maggie by the fire.
Abby ready for a snooze ZZZZZZ
Lilys 1st Birthday
Busters 1st Birthday
Chopper needs a bath
Summers Jody
Siamus  is one handsome boy