Helpful Hints

                               Choosing Your New Puppy

     When choosing a new puppy take your time. Check out the breed you have chosen and make sure it is compatible with your family and your pocketbook. Some dogs require a lot of grooming. some require at lot more attention. When you choose the puppy you want ,make sure he /she is alert and playful. Each puppy will have its own personality. Some are more playful than others and some may be a bit shy. You need to see the mom and dad. So you can have an idea on how your puppy will turn out. Mom and Dad should be friendly and not aggressive. Bostons are not aggressive. and should not have bad attitudes. Mom and dad should both be in good health. Be careful of breeders that breed more than one breed.

      The Bostons have a unique color and markings. If you have another breed mixed in their you may not see it until much later, as the puppy begins to grow. Just because the puppy is registered AKC/ CKC does not mean that it is pure breed. A CKC dog is a dog that you can not get AKC registration . You may find a lot of nice Bostons that have no papers but are still nice dogs. You may have more than one male to a litter of puppies. So be careful ask questions .
     A good breeder will not mind taking time to answer any question you may have. Know your breed you are choosing. And how it is suppose to look as a puppy and when it is grown, it's color and temperament and character .  A Boston is a good choice . You have no maintenance , little grooming , no cutting tails or ears. Just a good bath every now and then.

                                      Happy Hunting!!!!            

                                       New Home

      When you take your new puppy home make sure you have everything your puppy will need. Food, toy, bed, crate, bowls, newspaper. Crate your puppy at night with no food. Put a small blanket or towel at the front of the crate and the newspaper at the back. Put a fluffy toy in with your puppy for him or her to snuggle with. Resist putting your puppy in the bed with you until he or she learns to potty.

     Get your puppy on a routine of going out to potty. If you have small children don't leave them  alone at any time. Accidents may  happen. Teach your child (if small) how to hold and carry their new puppy and to always bend and put the puppy down gently.  Always use a toy or sock to play with, never use your fingers as toys. It will keep you from being bitten, because their teeth are small but very sharp. Treats are also good to teach your puppy to sit and stay.  Teach your puppy to not grab the treat from your hand.

     Make sure after each meal you take your puppy out  in the yard to the spot you want him  to potty.  Never leave your puppy alone  on or off a leash at any time.  If you purchase a male or female be responsible and have your pet spayed or neutered. Your pet will be gentle and well balanced. Exercise your pet  each day.


     Insurance is something most people never think about for their pets.  It is very inexpensive. There are a lot of policies to choose from. It is a good investment for your pet and a money saver for your pocketbook also. Search for one that you can afford  that  fits your needs.  You never know when you may need it. Most policies range form $10 to $20 per month. The more you pay the more coverage you get. Get great coverage for a small price. Your policy may also pay a percentage for spaying and neutering. The sooner you get your policy the cheaper it will be. 


     Adding a new puppy to your family is a big responsibility. Make sure everyone has a part in  taking  care of your new puppy.
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