Boston Terriers Adults
Boston Terrier Adults

Mayjor 's Roll the Dice born 5-52011 he is black and white. He is full of his self. and loves to play. He is our stud for 2012
Our males are AKC registered with champion pedigrees.They are home raised and are all loving and have good temperaments.      

                     Stud service is available to approved females.

         We breed for the distinctive tuxedo markings that set the Bostons apart from any other breed. We raise Bostons for size, color and conformation in the breed.

          We try to breed away from all white heads and blue eyes (which the veterinary researchers have suggested has a slight correlation between blue eyes and deafness).

         Their color should only be black,brindle and seal (black with red cast) with the white markings. Bostons should have a white muzzle band, a white blaze between the eyes and white on the chest.The three colors are what makes the breed and the color defines the breed. Any other color is not the traditional  Boston Terrier.                                                                                                  

         Our adults are all raised from puppies. They all have good temperaments
and are very loving.  They are well socialized and each has their own personality which makes them unique.

         We raise for show and for pets. We believe that all of our puppies will make  great pets. And a lot of our puppies are show quality. Our puppies are placed in loving homes that will love them and make them a part of a loving family for many years. 

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                 Rosco;s Star Gazer                                            now deceased
                         Ginger's Sugar n Spice  

mom -   Franny Flashing Fancy
dad   -   Major's Roll  the Dice
                   Catalina Snow

mom -  Diamond Deville Brown
dad   -  Rosco's Star Gazer
Nelsons Tucker of Tuckaways
           now  deceased 
         Jackson"s Major League
mom--  Bella's Gypsy Lady
dad  --  Mayjor's Roll The Dice
         Nickle's Tucker of Tuckaway

mom --    Pearl's Scarlet Lady
dad  ---    Nelson's Tucker of Tuckaways
              Dixie Grace  Brown

mom  -  Precious Duchess  Brown
dad    -  Nelson's Tucker of Tuckaway

         Jasmine Suger-N- Spice

mom -  Cassie's Golden Glow
dad   -  Nickle's Tucker of Tuckaways
                    Ultra Classic

mom -  Diamond Deville Brown
dad   -  Roscos Star Gazer
                Isabell Tiger Lily

mom-    Ultra Classic
dad   -  Jackson's Major League
                      Fancy XV

mom  -   Maggie's little rose Bud
dad    -   Nelson's Tucker of Tuckaways

mom ---   Lytle Lucky Alabama
dad   ---   Lytle  Bella